Adaptive Risk in the era of the Internet of Things

Risk has been always a key factor to be considered by companies and one of the major pains has always been how to manage it. We are used to analyzing Risk through a simple model. It is a well-known model and it is based on the fact that a threat could or could not be identified.

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Eliminating strong authentication barriers in higher education and research

The complexity of IT in Dutch higher education and research has increased enormously over the last few years, as it has in other domains such as healthcare and the financial sector. The higher education community has adopted a ‘cloud first’ strategy to facilitate students, teachers and researchers who want to access their data anywhere, anytime, with any device.

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The Dutch digital passport

The Dutch government is collaborating with industry to create a standard for access to online services. The popular name for this is the eID Scheme. This scheme will enable citizens, consumers and business people to conduct business with the government and industry online, using one or more means of logging in.

How does this works? And what does this eID scheme means for the Dutch citizens and industry?

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Insider threats - ‘How to begin?’ and ‘Where to start?’

Let me start by briefly introducing myself. My name is Frank Broeze, born almost forty years ago in the eastern part of the Netherlands. During the last ten years in my professional life, I have been focusing on information security as well as on identity and access management related challenges.

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The new EU Regulation on eID and Trust Services – part II: Electronic Identification

The first edition of this article presented a general overview of the new EU Regulation on Electronic Identification and Trust Services, which will enter into force on July 1st 2016. The Regulation contains two regimes: the regime regarding Electronic Identification for eGovernment services and the one for Trust Services. This second edition of the newsletter delves deeper into the regime for Electronic Identification (eID).

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IDnext creates a bridge between education and industry

Offering tertiary education students a firm foundation for their later careers is one of the cornerstones of the collaboration between IDnext and The Hague University of Applied Sciences’ Academy of ICT & Media. In its collaboration with the University of Applied Sciences, IDnext is creating a bridge between education and industry.

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